Late Summer / Early Fall Recommendations

It has been quite a summer filled with lots of visitors to Minnneapolis, traveling to some beautiful weddings, and exciting new projects at work. I can't believe football is back already, and that there are boots at the top of my closet that may come down soon.

In the midst of all this - I have read, listened, eaten or drank quite a few things that really left their mark.

Since it's also been a while since I've posted a little round up like this, there are going to be quite a few things on here.

So here we go...


Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

This is the first novel in J.K. Rowlings new thriller / mystery series. It was an incredibly fun read and Cormoran Strike is one of those characters you can't get out of your head long after you've finished the book. 

The Stranger - Harlan Coben

This is another perfect summer read that lived up to expectations. It's both a fantastic thriller and a cutting exploration of the suburban American dream. 

Coddling of the American Mind - The Atlantic

This article is a powerful overview of atmospheres that are being created within college campuses that discourage any discourse that could cause offense. College's definitely have a challenge and must create environments that feel safe to share and discuss a variety of ideas, while also acknowledging that ideas and concepts can be interpreted differently or misused based on personal context and motivation. I'm confident that colleges and universities can rise to the challenge, and that student's can too. 

Beyond The Breach - ESPN

I've never been to New Orleans, but I feel like I might understand it a little better after this piece by Wright Thompson. There was so much incredible coverage of New Orleans 10 years after Katrina, but this piece definitely stood out for me. 

Tech nerds are smart but they can't seem to wrap their heads around politics - Vox

This Vox piece, by David Roberts, does a great job tackling the "quasi-libretarian anti-politics" of the tech nerd.  

Amazon and Achievement - Clay Parker Jones

Clay, who was interviewed and quoted in the New York Times piece about Amazon workplace culture, dissects the key themes he saw emerge from the story. One narrative that keeps bubbling up from these future of work discussions is whether we, as a society, want companies to create cultures that mimic pro sports teams. A culture that screams - you're the best at what you do, you're paid well, you sacrifice everything, and you're replaced within a few years. Is that culture we want our organizations to create?  

The Most Timeless Songs of All Time - Matthew Daniels

Matthew Daniels has created another cool project using spotify data. I'm excited to see what he does next. 


Today's the Day - Alex and PJ have a truly New York Adventure

DMV Nation - Why is Government Technology So Frustrating?



The Rhino Hunter - What is big game trophy hunting really about?

Nazi Summer Camp- The story of a Nazi POW camp on American soil. 

This American Life


Lower 9 + 10 - 10 Years after Katrina

Nummi- A plant in California that might have saved the U.S. car industry.

The Problem We All Live With - School integration.

What's The Point

Incentives and Science - How bad incentives are blocking better science.

About Race

The Baratunde Who Episode - Great discussion about New Orleans and school integration.

Do You Like Prince Movies

Show Me A Hero, The Weeknd - Great discussion about Mr. Robot, Show Me a Hero, and the new album from the Weekend. 


Show Me A Hero

David Simon does it again. What's crazy about this? He bought the rights to the story 14 years ago. Oscar Isaac is fantastic. They also filmed the series at the actual town-homes central to the story. 

What's also interesting to think about is how little the debate has changed around building affordable housing in largely white neighborhoods today. 



"What if we made a series about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and filmed it all in Columbia." I can't believe that Netflix made this. It's also a lot of fun. It also makes you think about what happens when a corporation or individual becomes too powerful for the state to handle. But you can also just watch for rise and fall of Pablo. 

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot may be the best show of the year. It deals with contemporary issues of corporate greed and cyber security in a way that feels fresh and oddly prophetic. 

You're The Worst

You're the worst is back! This is a nice palate cleanser after a summer of surprisingly serious (and great) TV. Excited to see how the progress both the characters and story this season. 

Eat / Drink (Funky Beer Edition!)

Sam Adams - Kosmic Mother Funk

This "American Wild Ale" was on tap at Oxcart Ale House in St. Paul. If you like sour beers or challenging beers you have to try this. Think a Rodenbach Gran Cru but with more depth of flavor and more malt. Pretty wild!

EvilTwin - Femme Fatale Brett

This IPA brewed with "brettomyces" adds a little funk to this IPA. 

Plated - Ginger-Scallion Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo and Crunchy Asian Slaw

Em and I have been trying out plated and loved this salmon burger recipe. The Plated menus change weekly, but I recommend trying it out if you like to cook a little bit!



Daniel Prager