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December / January Recommendations

After a holiday season filled with family, friends and a honeymoon! - I'm back with December and January recommendations.  Between the honeymoon and time off work there was a lot of time to consume culture. There's a mix of books, podcasts, blog posts, and movies that I've enjoyed over the last two months. Hope this helps you sort through the fray that is the internet / state of culture in the first month of 2015.

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October Recommendations

 In today's overly saturated world where there is always something new or shiny, I'm always looking for help. Yes - we have algorithms a that make personal targeted recommendations for everything from workouts to music. But those inputs are always based on what you've previously done, your pre-selected and filtered bubble of information. What happens when you want to break out? Try something new? What about discovery that isn't based on previous behavior?  I do love when Spotify recommends an amazing song or band that I've never heard, but there is also something amazing about trying something recommended by a real. human. person. This is the exciting world that we live in today, where we can augment no brainier suggestions (i.e. you like the Notorious B.I.G.? Try TuPac or Nas), with human discovery. 

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