Income Distribution by Urban Area - R, Tableau and US Community Survey Data

My coworker Luke Stanke provided me with some nice R code to connect directly to the API for the American Community Survey. From this connection, I had a fun time exploring how income is distributed by within the US by Urban Area. 

The visualization looks at a few different data points. It also sized for mobile, as I wanted to explore building mobile first Tableau visualizations - 

1. Median income by urban area (first map)

2. Median income as a % of rent by urban area (second map)

3. The Gini Coefficient by urban area (third map)

4. The distance between the lowest income quintile and the fourth income quintile by urban area (barbell chart)

5. Distribution of incomes by urban area, one distribution that changes based on your selection and one that stays constant. 

Have fun exploring!

If you want to make your own - email and I will share the code, workbook etc. 




Daniel Prager