Winter Recommendations

Here are the things I've been reading, listening to, eating, drinking and admiring that have also made this winter special. 


The Underground Railroad

Yes. This book is really as moving, affecting and wonderful as you've heard. Had to wait a while for the library e-book, but boy was it worth it. 

Crimetown Podcast -

Crimetown is a great new podcast from Gimlet media and the producers of the Jinx. It focuses on Providence, Rhode Island in the 70s and the interplay between organized crime and city government.  If you like the wire or the Jinx, you'll love this show. The companion website is also helpful for keeping track of characters. 

The uncomfortable reality of Tyreek Hill's success

Tyreke Hill is a breakout NFL star. He's also been arrested for domestic abuse. Mina Kimes does a fantastic job of presenting the challenges with how to both punish and rehabilitate perpetrators of domestic abuse while also protecting victims. These challenges only grow when the perpatrator is a breakout NFL star. 

The Real Story About Fake News Is Partisanship

This Upshot piece makes a pretty compelling argument that we're living in a "partisan prism for facts", only engaging with news or information that reinforces our political beliefs. Amanda Taub, the author of the piece, cites research that asserts partisanship acts more like racism or sexism, core to individual identities. When the political becomes deeply personal, can we still progress as a society? I hope so.



Fleabag is a hilarious and deeply affecting dark comedy about growing up, accepting our flaws, and moving on.  

Search Party

Search party is an incredibly fun and addictive dark comedy about a circle of friends who get caught up in a quest to find a missing high school classmate.  


Gommorra is fast paced and addictive crime tv. It takes place in Naples and follows a crime syndicate there.  



Shooting Star Blue Franc

This red made from the "Lemberger" grape planted in Washington State. This wine is really fun - rich berry flavors for under 15 bucks! A perfect winter wine. 


Everlane Slim Fit Oxford

This shirt is the perfect functional work shirt that you can also wear on the weekends. It's fitted just enough. For me anyway. Was lucky enough to receive this as a Christmas gift. 



Pour Over Stagg Kettle

For when you want to bring that third wave coffee experience home. This was also a Christmas gift. Love it. 

Daniel Prager