Spring 2017 Recommendations

Guys. We made it! NBA playoffs are starting, there is a plethora of new music out, and Emily and I move into our first house tomorrow! A whole two block move. Wish us luck. Here are the things I've been reading, watching, listening to, eating, drinking and admiring so far this spring.


S Town

If you listen to podcasts at all, you've no doubt heard of S Town. This is me saying that it's worth listening to, even if it does have its issues. I love how personal it feels, and the singular focus on an individual story as a way of painting a portrait of rural America. In this age when many of us urbanites are looking to empathize or understand the rural experience, journalism like this might be a good start. On the negative side - it feels slightly over edited, and might be too singularly focused on one individual experience. But definitely worth a listen. 


Pod Save America

This twice weekly podcast is a great way to stay on top of all the political news. Intelligent journalism that emphasizes facts and activism, which is sorely needed in our current political climate. 

When School Choice Means Choosing Segregation

Allison McCann has moved from 538 to Vice news and she has been doing some fantastic data journalism (seriously, her charts are fire) and reporting. For this article she travels to the Twin Cities to look at two charter schools, one that is primarily White (german immersion), and one that is primarily Somali and Ethiopian. She then digs into statewide education data to illustrate that segregation (may) drive poorer outcomes, and, because of this, charter schools should be integrated.

I don't think that segregation is causal when it comes to student achievement. I do think that school segregation, is actually reflective of larger systemic issues (poverty, parental educational attainment etc) that better explain school outcomes. Education policy is complex and there are plenty who know a lot more than me, but it does seem like a push for "school choice" and charter schools needs to be counter balanced with a better understanding of the objectives of the school and the implications of those objectives. Will those schools lead to better student outcomes? Or will those objectives just reinforce negative aspects of current social structures for generations to come? 



Chewing Gum Season 2 - Netflix

Chewing gum is back! You know I love a show that gives you a sense of place. This one really transports you to the housing projects of North London - but it's also uplifting and hilarious. 

Fargo Season 3 - FX

Fargo is back. Can't wait for this season that takes place in 2010 in Eden Prairie and Golden Valley Minnesota. 

Eat / Drink

Cassia - LA

When I was in LA for passover, Emily and I were lucky enough to go to Cassia with my parents. It was really one of the best meals I've ever had. If you're headed to LA, it's worth a stop, even if it's just the wine shop / bar next door. 

Wild Mind Artisan Ales, "Hops of the Fallen" - MN

Wild Mind makes great beer, a majority of it barrel aged or "wild / sour". Their beer just keeps getting better. Recently, they introduced their first special edition 750 ml growler fill only beer, a wild double IPA. I know you've had a bunch of double IPAs before, but I promise this one is better. The mix of hops / funk is quite tasty.

Wear -


I'm really enjoying the spring lookbook from Outerknown. Love the play between lifestyle and functional wear. It also doesn't hurt that we were just in Hawaii, where the lookbook is shot. 

Home! -

Manhattan Rugs

Rugs are hard. Rugs are expensive. Rugs can really make a space feel special. We just got a Oushak rug from Manhattan rugs and it's awesome. If you're in the market for a rug, take a look. 

Listen -

New music from Kendrick, Father John Misty and many other since the last post. See the Spotify playlist below!

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